Welcome to Congo Free State, a website for learning about the Congo Free State and the transnational movement for Congo reform at the turn of the twentieth century. This site includes details of the Congo reform activists, collections of primary documents from the era and the key figures involved; a bibliography of the key texts produced on the subject, as well as a timeline of key events during the Congo Free State’s existence.

We also welcome contributions from writers with articles on any related subject regarding the Congo Free State, the movement for Congo Reform, comparative issues that the Congo faces today and any other articles on the subject of imperialism and humanitarianism relating to the Congo, the ‘scramble for Africa’ or any of the key figures or nations involed in the movement for Congo Reform.

If you would like to contribute to the website, please email your name, research interests, academic credentials (if necessary) and your article (consisting of no more than 1500 words) to congofreestate@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting the site and we hope it is of some use to you!


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